Insurance Mediators originated in August of 2015 as a turnkey solution to the overall management needs of homeowners and contractors alike in their exterior storm damage insurance claims. The former owner of Weatherproof Roofing, Andrew Clough, had a desire to bring excellence and integrity back into the business of storm restoration. With so many “fly by night “contractors, not a storm goes by without hearing about another homeowner that got ripped off.

The problem is typically not the contractor’s integrity. The problem is the process by which all contractors have to go through. The truth remains that the hard work is not in securing or contracting a project. That is simply the starting point. The hard work is in dealing with multiple entities (i.e. homeowners, insurance companies, mortgage companies).

The answer is Insurance Mediators. An Insurance Mediators Advocate is much more than an outside sales person. In a typical roofing company structure there can be in the upwards of 5 different individuals that you’d need to communicate with regarding the details and time frame of your project. This can lead to poor communication, balls dropped in transition from one task to another, and ultimately a poor customer service experience.

At Insurance Mediators you need to look no further than to speak with your Advocate regarding all the details of your restoration claim. This also means that we do not partner with your “run of the mill” type of individuals. We are not interested in high sales, poor customer experience, and turn and burn mentality. Rather, we are interested in taking the necessary time it takes to provide a seamless management experience and truly be your Advocate.